Warranty Policy
Power Avionics overhaul service warrants that all articles furnished at the time of delivery will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Obligation under warranty however, will be limited to repairing or replacing any unit that is returned within the stipulated warranty period, and is limited to mechanical or electromechanical assemblies that were replaced at time of repair or overhaul. No other warranties shall be expressed or implied by law or otherwise and no further obligation or liability shall be incurred by this facility by reason of sale or use of any such product. In no event shall this facility be liable for special or consequential damages. Power Avionics shall not be responsible for equipment removal, examination, reinstallation, or transportation. Power Avionics shall not be obligated hereunder, if inspection discloses the apparent defects are due to tampering, improper handling or use, improper operation or storage, or otherwise not maintained in accordance with the published instructions, or if any attempt is made to repair seemingly defective units.

Units inspected/tested and found to be within tolerance as described by the manufacturer specifications will have no implied warranty.

Power Avionics liability hereunder is conditioned on defects becoming apparent within (6) six months

Power Avionics liability hereunder is conditioned on defects becoming apparent within (16) sixteen months from date of shipment of such item to the first user. This warranty covers labor and parts previously replaced by Power Avionics at time of overhaul.

Any unit returned to Power Avionics for warranty consideration must be shipped via prepaid transportation. Any unit damaged in shipment must be reported to and/or inspected by the common carrier, and a written report made of damages must be made at the receiving destination. Power Avionics shall not be held liable for shipping damage or related consequential damages.

Warranties for units that have been subjected to misuse, neglect, or contamination; damaged by accident; rendered defective by improper storage, installation, removal, operation, or maintenance; by aircraft or aircraft wiring.